Whether you are buying your very first carabiner or frantically grasping the edge of a deep, dark research hole, we hope the following links are helpful. Remember, these links are for satisfying curiosity and building on the skills you learn in person. Learn skills in person, ask questions to knowledgable cavers, and then expand your knowledge online.


Gear: where & what to buy

Our recommended sources for gear. You entrust your life to these products, so you should shop at places you trust. Ask other cavers, and try before you buy.


Watch & Read

Videos, books, and articles for honing skills, building knowledge, and geeking out. The internet is not a replacement for real-world training. Learn in-person.


Lessons from the Past

Caving accidents in Texas are rare. But rare doesn't mean we haven't made mistakes. Below you can read accident reports and honor past cavers by learning from them.