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Terry Raines - San Agustin Group Photo

About The utg

The Underground Texas Grotto (UTG) is an Austin-based non-profit. Our members explore, restore and conserve caves, keeping alive traditions from 1951. We are the oldest caving organization in Texas and have served as the nexus for cave exploration all over Texas and Mexico for more than seventy years. Members range from total beginners to international expedition cavers.  We offer training, meetings, trips, parties, and on-going restoration projects. We also participate with fellow organizations to support local conservation efforts. The Underground Texas Grotto is proud to further cave education in and around Austin.

A little History..

In the 50s, 60s UTG cavers were hard at work digging, mapping, and exploring caves all over Texas. By the 70s, many of the state's most active members were captivated by the spectacular karst of Mexico. Despite the massive cave systems just a day's drive away, the grotto was still committed to their local caves. Through the 80s, 90s, and 00s, many Texas caves owe their restoration to the likes of Bill Russell, Bill Larson, Mike Wharton, George Veni, Gill Ediger, John Clarke, Charley Savvas, and dozens more legendary diggers. Without them, the cavers of today would have knowledge and access to just a tiny fraction of the caves we currently do, and we'd have even more work ahead of us. 
Take a look at the gallery at the top of the page. There you will see cavers doing amazing things in incredible places, but all the pictures in the world can't teach you as much as an old-timer around the campfire. Join us for a meeting, a party, a dig, and pull up a chair. Listen to the legends of Kirkwood, learn about the origins of Mexican caving, and ask to see their Moldy Oldies. Most of all, come find out where you fit in to this story. The best way to get involved is to attend our meetings and trainings. See you underground.

Meet The Officers



Ethan Perrine

 NSS#: 69792



Holly Klein

Vice President

London Darcé

NSS#: 71673


Social Media Chair

Enzo Monfre


see you underground

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