Underground Texas Grotto
Kickapoo Caverns - Soda straws

Kickapoo Caverns - Soda straws

The Underground Texas Grotto is a group of cavers from the Austin area that explore caves in Central Texas and beyond. Members range from raw beginners and occasional cavers to hard core international expedition cavers. All community members interested in caves and caving are welcome.


Dates: the 1st, 3rd and 5th Wednesdays (if there is one) of every month at 8:00 pm


The meeting location has been in flux recently, so check the calendar for more details!

Meetings feature accounts of recent caving expeditions, slide shows, and a chance to sign up for caving trips and training sessions. Contact us for location and directions.

Learn how to rappel and climb rope safely. Be sure to introduce yourself at the meeting and talk to people who are leading upcoming caving trips. UT Grotto membership is open to all members of the greater Austin community.


The UT Grotto uses Google Calendar to store its events. If you already have a Google E-mail address or other Google account, you can add the UT Grotto calendar view to your own calendar account.


P. O. Box 7672
Austin, TX 78713

Chairman: Dylan Beeler

Vice Chair: Patty Calabrese

NSS#: 68826
Secretary-Treasurer: Denise Prendergast

Webmaster: Andy Edwards

NSS#: 65964
Beginning Caver Coordinator:
If you have questions on becoming a caver, contact
Vertical Coordinator:
If you have questions on vertical training, contact